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We are back, AGAIN! 

Dear friends,

after being away for so long due to the pandemic, we are happy to inform you, that we are going to be working on a 3-song EP titled "Sun", and we are going to release it sometime in the summer of this year. We also parted ways with our guitar players Rafael Alfonso Sanchez, and we are going to carry on with new members and a whole new energy. Thank you all for the support!


Hello there ladies and gentlemen,

we wanna thank you for being there for us the whole way. Our first album is finally out and you can enjoy it on all the main streaming services possible. We love ya!

New album finally coming out! 

Hello there! After a long road of hard work and fun, we have finally completed our first self-titled album and we will make it available to you on July the 31st on all streaming services and social media platforms possible. We are also excited to present you  with our first single, on Friday the 24th of July. We have recorded a music video of us performing the first song of our album. The song is called "Closure". Thanks to our family and friends for supporting us and believing in us. 

Fuck 2020, but... 

Hey everyone,

as we all know, this year has been very eventfull in a "not very nice" kind of way. First, the fires in Australia. Second, COVID-19. Third, the murder of George Floyd (may he rest in peace). We can't believe that we are living in the 21st century, and we still have a huge problem with racism, as well as environmental and political problems. We don't want to fail our world. That being said, in all the moments of sadness, our band found a cure to prevent us from depressing ourselves from all the bad news. We recorded an 8-track album, and you are going to be able to listen to it at the beginning of July. We hope, that we can make you feel better with our music. Because making this album for all of you who want to listen to it made us feel somewhat happy in these dark times. We love you, stay healthy, love one another, and protect one another. 

Peace & love!

Sergio, Rafael, Tim.


Hey everyone. We just wanted to tell you that we are very sorry and very concerned about everything that is going on in the world right now. People are dying, the virus is spreading rapidly and we don't seem to have a solution right now. As human beings, all we need to do is to take care of one another. That includes, not going outside if it isn't necessary, don't make contact with other people, and don't go to crowded places. For us musicians, it is a drag, because we want to make music and we want to play live for all the people who want to listen to music and have a good time. We are using this time of isolation to make more music and to be creative at home. We ask you to do the same. Please be safe, wash your hands, eat healthy, and think about others before buying pallets of groceries at the store. We wish you all a wonderful day! Stay strong and stay optimistic.Together, we can find a solution to all of this bullshit. 


Rewind Rewind

Thank you! 

Hey there folks. I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have visited my social media pages. You guys are the best! I am currently looking for musicians to make more music with. I am very excited about the future and I am so glad that we, as a music community, support all of our projects. I wish you all a wonderful day and once again, thanks for all the suppport! 


Hello! We have uploaded a new song (OUR FIRST SINGLE) on our website. It is dedicated to those who struggle with anxiety problems daily. The song is called "Insanity". You can download it for free on our music page. Happy Holidays! 

Here we are. 

Thanks for dropping by. We are currently working on our music, and we are trying to get ready for the future ahead of us.